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Justiscraft: A is a survival and adventure minecraft server with a lot to offer any kind of player. Mods such as: Handcrafted, Tom's Trading Network, Pixelmon, Alex's Mobs, and JustLeveling (rpg mod). Travel around to see each town before going out of boundries to begin Survival mode! Spawn is radially protected and you must travel outside it to build and rpg, pvp and pixelmon are available in the boundry. The map is hand made and a great seed. Great at building? Ask on skype to build with us! Have a mod you would like to see added? Just ask! Saves will never be erased and can be asked for, so you can continue in singleplayer if you would prefer. The Server was made to have fun on and will be up for at least a year.

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Vikerus [Oct, 18th 4:38 pm]

~the wind starts to howl~ Hi!! Don't forget to get some pumpkins for halloween!





Pixlemon 9.2.0, HandCrafted, Alexs Mobs, Toms Trading Network



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Minecraft Version: 1.20.1 | Website: http://justiscraft.neocities.org | Score: 47
alt : Kingdom of Masters Coin Game

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This is a googleplex of fun!

Pokemon in Minecraft Server

How to Join:

  • Connect with us on Discord!: https://discord.gg/UAaaz7C
  • ATLauncher Download https://atlauncher.com/downloads
  • Easy way to get Pixelmon and Join: Download Justiscraft Pack
  • Navigate to instances and hit import
  • goto the download folder and click the downloaded pack!
  • Import and start playing @ :Join!

  • Reforged Pixelmon - Version 1.20.1: Pixelmon Reforged!
  • https://youtubemusiclist.blogspot.com/
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